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Product was discontinued April 2021.

Best country music every month, from boot-scootin' two steps to hearty country ballads programmed 12 times per year. Nu Country Traxx provides the top country hits from every label in Nashville. Up-tempo, country ballads and two steps will please even the most discerning country music fans, before they become hits!

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Ships: February 25, 2021
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1Blake SheltonBlake Shelton

Label:Warner Music Nashville | Time:3:48 | BPM:90 | Year:2021

2Hailey Whitters ft. Little Big TownHailey Whitters ft. Little Big Town

Label:Big Loud Records | Time:3:11 | BPM:74 | Year:2021

3Parker McCollumParker McCollum

Label:MCA Records Nashville | Time:3:18 | BPM:73 | Year:2021

4Keith Urban with P!nkKeith Urban with P!nk

Label:Capitol Records Nashville | Time:3:22 | BPM:83 | Year:2021

5Aaron GoodvinAaron Goodvin

Label:Reviver Records | Time:3:25 | BPM:113 | Year:2021

6Lily RoseLily Rose

Label:Big Loud Records | Time:2:56 | BPM:107 | Year:2021

7James Robert WebbJames Robert Webb

Label:Bison Creek Records | Time:3:54 | BPM:79 | Year:2021

8Mercy ShineMercy Shine

Label:CCB Nashville | Time:3:19 | BPM:120 | Year:2021

9Dave WilbertDave Wilbert

Label:Wilbilly Records | Time:2:38 | BPM:104 | Year:2021

10Anthony VonAnthony Von

Label:GKM Records | Time:3:33 | BPM:160 | Year:2021

11Tom SextonTom Sexton

Label:Lot's To Do Music | Time:3:00 | BPM:92 | Year:2021

12The Ashley SistersThe Ashley Sisters

Label:GKM Records | Time:3:23 | BPM:130 | Year:2021

13Hannah BelleHannah Belle

Label:CPM/Freedom Entertainment | Time:3:27 | BPM:100 | Year:2021

14Brooke HatalaBrooke Hatala

Label:Nine North Records | Time:3:59 | BPM:70 | Year:2021

15Houston BernardHouston Bernard

Label:HB Music | Time:2:45 | BPM:110 | Year:2021

16Presley & TaylorPresley & Taylor

Label:Mercy Music City | Time:3:28 | BPM:100 | Year:2020

17Elyse SaundersElyse Saunders

Label:Pitbull Promotions | Time:3:26 | BPM:78 | Year:2021

18Samara YungSamara Yung

Label:MainStage/Pitbull Prom... | Time:3:03 | BPM:64 | Year:2020

19Matt LangMatt Lang

Label:Jayward Artist Group | Time:2:57 | BPM:83 | Year:2020

20Genevieve FisherGenevieve Fisher

Label:W.O.R. Records | Time:2:58 | BPM:104 | Year:2021

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