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Hott Dance

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Product was discontinued April 2021.

This CD carries the best techno, trance, house and pop dance remix. Have it delivered to your door every month. For high-energy dance music to energize your dance floor, there's no better compilation CD available. Hott Dance will give you the right tracks and the best dance mix at the right time.

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Ships: March 18, 2021
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1Joel Corry, RAYE and David GuettaJoel Corry, RAYE and David Guetta

Label:Warner Music Canada Co. | Time:4:28 | BPM:124 | Year:2021

2Paul Woolford & Amber MarkPaul Woolford & Amber Mark

Label:Sony Music Entertainme... | Time:4:58 | BPM:122 | Year:2021

3MK ft. RaphaellaMK ft. Raphaella

Label:Ultra Records | Time:4:47 | BPM:124 | Year:2021

4SG Lewis ft. Nile RodgersSG Lewis ft. Nile Rodgers

Label:Universal Music Canada... | Time:4:16 | BPM:120 | Year:2021


Label:Ultra Records | Time:3:54 | BPM:125 | Year:2021

6Ava MaxAva Max

Label:Warner Music Canada Co. | Time:3:56 | BPM:125 | Year:2021

7Illenium, Dabin and LightsIllenium, Dabin and Lights

Label:12 Tone Music Group | Time:4:26 | BPM:127 | Year:2021

8Jason WalkerJason Walker

Label:i Am House/Music Plant... | Time:7:17 | BPM:124 | Year:2021


Label:Armada Records | Time:4:09 | BPM:127 | Year:2021


Label:Warner Music Canada Co. | Time:6:07 | BPM:126 | Year:2021

11Cowens Brothers ft. Sam WelchCowens Brothers ft. Sam Welch

Label:EMI Music Canada | Time:4:41 | BPM:118 | Year:2021

12Tyron Hapi & if found ft. Emily FalveyTyron Hapi & if found ft. Emily Falvey

Label:Teamwrk Records | Time:4:02 | BPM:85 | Year:2021


Label:Ultra Records | Time:6:13 | BPM:124 | Year:2021


Label:Armada Records | Time:3:25 | BPM:132 | Year:2021

15Lucky Rose & Jason WalkerLucky Rose & Jason Walker

Label:Ultra Records | Time:3:36 | BPM:121 | Year:2020

16Moodshift ft. Oliver Nelson, Lucas Nord and flycktMoodshift ft. Oliver Nelson, Lucas Nord and flyckt

Label:Universal Music Canada... | Time:4:16 | BPM:122 | Year:2021

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